Moving Forward.

Whadd' Up everyone, How's it going? First, let me say, Thanks for the Support, It means alot. So keep those Comments and Follows Coming, I slowed down with the posting a little, been pretty busy. Im gonna get back on my grind again really soon though. Any suggestions or anything you would like to see, just drop a comment or email and ill do what i can! (:

Anyway, to the great news. I have been wanting to get my own clothing line going for a minute, well i decided to go after that. I have been taking Silk Screening Classes for around 5 Weeks now, and am learning a lot. So now i can design and print my own graphics on Tees, Jackets, Hats Etc. Im really stoked on that, Monday Evening i will have pictures of the First official shirt made (Its Gonna Look DOPE!). So anyway, Keep your eyes and ears open, Me and my buddy are gonna get it officially going soon! Thinking about maybe doing a contest, the prize would be a shirt, designed and printed by me.


Keep comments coming,



Morgan said...

the Celtics are doin their thing this season.
But did u see Dwight Howard elbow the shit out of Paul Pierce...smh. I was def feeling some type of

Squeegees said...

Selecting a t-shirt from different brands which is suits your company logo would be a difficult job, so custom t-shirt is the best solution for those who want to have a seperate t-shirts with their company logo.

FrEsH TrOoPeR said...

hey do you need help with your clothing line IM THERE i love fashion Check Out MY BLOG at but im making a new one CALLED , Stupid D.O.P.E society For a Movement im starting

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