Who Dat?

If you haven't seen it already, here it is. The Video for J. Cole's "Who Dat". This video is fire, honestly one of the best videos i have seen in a minute! Its really well done, filmed etc. Plus the song is Dope! J. Cole hasn't been that widely known, but his skills sure are gettin around. Soon enough everyone is gonna recognize how well J spits! check it Out (;


Here is some more pictures from HypeBeast's "Street Snaps" Section. Some Pretty Dope Pics if you ask Me.
Shout out To HypeBeast, be sure to check em out!

Rap's True Hope.

Here's 2 great videos about one of the games best artists right now, Drake. You guys have been seeing a lot of him on my blog lately. Theres a reason for that, and i say it every single time i post about him. He is the most real rapper out! While artists like soulja boy rap about their chains and money, Drake is putting life into the game, and bringing Rap to a whole new Level!

Heres a Video, that shows how honest and deep Drake is, in the video he speaks about the fast life and his true fears.


 This is a video of Drake doing a concert/party preformance with DJ A-Trak!

Nike (RED) Tokyo "Tied Together"

Heres some photos from a Nike (RED) exhibition, which is in benefit for AIDS. Which gives it that much more steez. Some really cool pictures, of some great art, and all for a good cause.

Stay True.

I have said it soo many times before, Drake is the realist, most honest and humble rapper around right now, This is what is behind true Rap, this is whats behind True Music.

Snoop Dogg - Oh Sookie

Enough swagg to tide you over......

RBL's Black C (ft. young jun3 &AR) - need the love

This is just one of those lucky finds, they spit pretty hard and make some good points! check it!!!

BMW Art Car

B.o.B (Ft. Hayley Williams) "Airplanes" (VIDEO)

Dope Video, Dope Song, Check it out (;

Drake in Paper Magazine

I've made it obvious that Drake is by far one of my favorite artists around, especially because of his ability to rap about reality, and one of the most real rappers around. Anyway, Thank Me Later drops tomorrow, and Drake decided to do this article in Paper Magazine.

It may sound cliché, but Drake remembers October 31, 2009, like it was yesterday.

That was the night Drake knew his transformation from Aubrey Drake Graham -- star of teen soap opera Degrassi: The Next Generation -- to famous rapper had begun. That was the night Jay-Z performed in his hometown. 

"Jay-Z coming to Toronto meant every single person was going to be there, which meant the majority of the people in my life were there," the 23-year-old rapper recalls. "And there was a big rumor around the city: Is Drake close enough to Jay where he would bring me out? And people were like, 'No, it would never happen.'" 

Well, it did happen. Not only did Jay-Z bring Drake out to perform on stage with him, he let a still-fringe artist perform one of his own songs, "Successful," in its entirety. "I'll never forget that. I must have looked in the eyes of 40 people I know in the first 20 rows," Drake says, sounding still somewhat shocked. "There were ex-girlfriends, guys who hated me, people who loved me, my mother -- and it was just like, 'This is it.'"  Like most other testaments to Drake's success, there's a video on the Internet to prove the moment actually happened.

February 13, 2009: Also a date Drake remembers vividly, as do his fans. The night of February 12, people (like this writer) logged onto Drake's website, October's Very Own (octobersveryown.blogspot.com), and waited patiently for this unknown rapper, who'd been getting praise from Lil Wayne and rap blogs, to show and prove. A day later, the moment finally came (the blog post reads "fashionably late") in the form of a link to download So Far Gone, a mixtape of songs written by Drake, a rough-around-the-edges-but-still-very-witty rapper and a tolerable-even-somewhat-decent singer, all delivered with the brash confidence of someone who was familiar with the fame game.

Read the Rest Here....

Nike SB Italian Team Trip To Bangkok

Normally the majority of videos Nike puts out are pretty sick, but this one is DOPE! Plus, its got that Italian Steez (; ha. The Video is filmed super well, angles, light, shots etc. Even better though, the Skating is tight, some Dope set ups and all the tricks are hella clean (: check it out

NikeSB Italian team - Trip to Bangkok from NikeSB_Italy on Vimeo.

Wiz Khalifa - Mezmorized (Video)

Heres a Dopeeee New Video To go Along With One Of My Favorite Songs. Khalifa is Firee! Taylor Gang (;

Thank Me Later Promo

Drake talking about Love and Music. Be sure to cop his album "Thank Me Later" Dropping June 15th.

Apple iPhone 4!

Today, Apple announced the drop date of the New Apple iPhone! They will be released June 24th, 2010. Apple says the new iPhone has tons of new features, like HD Video, and even iMovie editing on the phone, new multitasking options, and even more!

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