(Song of the Day) Smokin' Trezz - Yukmouth (Ft, Curren$y and Chop Black)

17 Yukmouth   Smokin Trezz  Feat. Currency  Chop Black  RGF

Drake (Ft. Young Jeezy) - Unforgettable (Full Version, With drums)

drake unforgettable  feat. young jeezy

Wow, i just found a new favorite song. Im just diggin' the vibe, and especially the vibe. Plus the beat is hott, and the lyrics are straight Fire. Anyway, just another thing that makes me want Thank me Later even worse! Track is DOPEE.

Nicki Minaj Changes Name?

So, Nicki got on her Twitter, and posted this. Apparently she has changed her name to Roman Zolanski?

What Do you all think? What do you think about this decision, if it is even true?


Here's another DOPE StreetSnap from Hypebeast.com. Im really feelin' this photo, the colors, textures, and everything else about it.

Banksy Hits Nyc, Again!

Just when nobody is sure if Banksy has left town, or weather he is just kickin' it, Banksy goes and puts this piece up in Harlem, Ny. Another great piece, but like always, what can you expect?(:

Second Coming.

Let me start off by saying, i'm really excited for "Thank Me Later". Its gonna be summer, and this album is always on my mind. I guess thats one way you can tell that an artist is doing their job. Some times i find myself just spittin' some Drake lyrics, or tapping out some of his crazy beats.

And truly, im so tired of hearing people hating on Drake. Seriously, its time for some people to come to reality, this dude is soo diverse, and people are still saying they dont even like 1 piece of his work? Your saying that if i were to bump some of his music, you wouldn't nod your head a little? You would just sit there, and tell me to turn it off? Na, let me be blunt, if you don't like Drizzy, your wack. The dude can even sing!

I really just find it amazing, how someone could have such the perfect mix of Confidence and Humility, a person who really expresses themselves; and how they feel through their work, and your still trying to hate? eventually some haters admit that drizzy goes hard, and its hard not to like him. So then they go on to hate on his clothes, his swag, or the fact he reps Canada. Damnn, y'all are hating just because a dude is more successful then you? Anyone who says they "Dont Fuck with Drizzy", i wanna see you do half of what Drake has Done. Even the legends of the game are left speechless from his work, but these cats, that can't even spit are hatin?! Pshh, go play in traffic.

Anyway, im not at all scared to say right now that Drizzy is the best in the game right now. So all you haters should find someone else to hate on, get off Drakes dick, and try and write one line better then his worst!

Back to business, here is the "Thank Me Later" Tracklist :

1. Fireworks (feat. Alicia Keys)
2. Karaoke
3. The Resistance
4. Over
5. Show Me A Good Time
6. Up All Night (feat. Nicki Minaj)
7. Fancy (feat. T.I. & Swizz Beatz)
8. Shut It Down (feat. The Dream)
9. Unforgettable (feat. Young Jeezy)
10. Light Up (feat. Jay-Z)
11. Miss Me (feat. Lil Wayne)
12. Cece’s Interlude
13. Find Your Love
14. Thank Me Now

Also, Here is a Fucking DOPE Freestyle just recently dropped by Drake.

Drake-9am in Dallas Freestyle

Drop some comments, 
lets hear what everyone else has to say(:


Jae Millz Arrested!

Ya boy, Jae Millz. (Yes, Young Money's Own) was arrested last night. Heres what happened..
Jae and his girl got into an argument, (people say it was over a rumor that his girl slept with Trey Songz). Im not saying thats true, just a rumor. Anyway, i guess the incident got so heated, that his girl called the cops on him!

Now listen to this, Jae didnt get arrested for Domestic Violence, Disturbing the peace, none of that. The cops rolled up, saw some Weed, and arrested him FOR THAT! In my opinion, thats a little wack.

Wiz Khalifa - The Statement (Video)

Yet another dope video, really like how it was done/filmed etc. Plus, its my boy Wiz, So you know its gonna be Hot. So roll yourself a spliff, and check it out, this ish is HOT!

Moving Forward.

Whadd' Up everyone, How's it going? First, let me say, Thanks for the Support, It means alot. So keep those Comments and Follows Coming, I slowed down with the posting a little, been pretty busy. Im gonna get back on my grind again really soon though. Any suggestions or anything you would like to see, just drop a comment or email and ill do what i can! (:

Anyway, to the great news. I have been wanting to get my own clothing line going for a minute, well i decided to go after that. I have been taking Silk Screening Classes for around 5 Weeks now, and am learning a lot. So now i can design and print my own graphics on Tees, Jackets, Hats Etc. Im really stoked on that, Monday Evening i will have pictures of the First official shirt made (Its Gonna Look DOPE!). So anyway, Keep your eyes and ears open, Me and my buddy are gonna get it officially going soon! Thinking about maybe doing a contest, the prize would be a shirt, designed and printed by me.


Keep comments coming,


Banksy In Nyc!!!

Banksy, At it again, And of course with some great work (: Dopee!

(Song of the Day) Dr. Dre (Ft. Snoop Dogg) - Flashing (Snippet)

You got to love Dre, everything he creates/produces is hot. Some people are saying that this is a snippet of a single from Dre's New Album, "DETOX". Yes, the long awaited Detox album. Yet, many others are saying that this is just a leaked track, and has nothing to do with the album Detox. So for now, until there is further news, i guess its for you to decide what you think. Either way, its Two Legends on One Track!

Dr.Dre ft. Snoop Dogg   Flashing

More "HypeBeast" Streetsnaps

Like i said, i really like the streetsnaps that hypebeast does, so i post them every once in a while, here are some more dope ones. Be sure to check out Hypebeast.com

Teairra Mari - Over (Video)

I like how this video starts, i want to go to the beach sooo bad right now. Anyway, i like this remix, sort of different from all the other ones, ya know? Plus, its a pretty good video, and she is fineee. Haha (;

Muddy Swim Trunks - Asher Roth (video)

Ha, This Video makes me laugh. I like Asher, and the video is done well. Just the whole set up, and how it takes place makes me laugh a little. Dope video still though.

What They Been Waiting For - (Video)

My mann Diggy!!! This video is dopeee, i really like how it was done/filmed. Plus we all know Dig has a gift, and most anything he comes out with is gonna be Hot. Anway, Check it out. Diggy Simmons - What They Been Waiting For.

Diggy- What They Been Waiting For from philthegod. on Vimeo.

Banksy In Boston!

Banksy is still keepin' busy in the US, check out his latest work!

Fashawn (Ft. Blu) - Samsonite Man (VIDEO)

Mann, i have always loved this track. Beat and lyrics are both song, and its just overall a good track to kick back and chill to. Well, heres the video for it, and its Dopee. Song and Video are both Fire. Check it out.

Air Jordan Spizike's "InfraRed"

I already really like the Spizikes, but wowww. These are dopeee, the colors go together super well, definetly a must have. im gonna cop me a pair of these as soon as possible!

Weezy in Trouble?

Word is Wayne got in trouble for listening to Music!! Prison officials found a Music Contraband, A charger, and headphones that were all unauthorized. The items were found rapped in tin foil, and sitting in his trash. They will be charging him with an infraction,, i hope this doesn't affect wayne's time or behavior record :/

(Song Of The Day) Wiz Khalifa - Mezmorized

Wiz say's that this is his favorite track off of his latest mixtapes, "Kush & Orange Juice".

02 Mezmorized

He Strikes Again!!!

Banksy is staying on his grind lately, hittin' up major cities through out the U.S, and even posting up in Canada. Anyway, he has been really busy, Here are some of his newest peices!

Find Your Love - Drake (VIDEO)

Damn. Im really, really impressed with Drake lately. I mean i always have been, but wow. He is changing the Game forever, and this video? Jaw Dropping, People are saying it might be the best music video in a minute! Check it out for yourself, Drake - Find your Love

A Mothers Worth.

Here is another letter from Weezy, dont forget to check out WeezyThanxYou.com

It’s not many words in the world more powerful than “mother.” Those six letters can bring joy, just like they bring pain. It can invoke excitement just as quickly as it can anger, depending on the context, I guess. For myself, it means more than I can ever possibly describe, but I will try. I associate the term with immeasurable 
strength, beautiful patience and infinite wisdom.

You can probably already tell, but the main reason for this letter is to pay tribute to every positive matriarch on Mother’s Day. In my eyes, that day is 365 days a year, but I understand the significance of the holiday. The love between a mother and her offspring is hands down the most beautiful thing God created. More than money, more than fame, more than cars. You know why? Because true love is the only thing that lasts from the moment you’re born to the second you perish. To all the mothers who read this letter, I hope this day allows you to feel the love and respect you so rightfully deserve. You are the role models, not me.
To the mothers of my beautiful children, there remains nothing but love, adoration and respect coming from my heart. Even with the mistakes I’ve made in my life, you give me reason to smile in a place where they attempt to break your spirit each day the sun rises. I love my babies with all my heart. And the fact you brought them into this world only gives me more and more motivation to write these words. Happy Mother’s Day.

Last but not least, my own mother, Ms. Cita. You are my heart and you are my soul. Please don’t ever forget that. We’ve been through everything one could possibly imagine together. With each obstacle that has come our way, you have handled it with the grace and dignity I can only hope to mimic. Even writing this, it’s tough to come to grips with the fact I cannot spend this special day with you. Like you always preached, a man must accept his own actions – good and bad – and learn from them. And that’s what I’m doing. Mom, I love you more than you will ever know. Probably more than I love my own self. Enjoy Mother’s Day because you deserve it. Also, find comfort knowing your son loves you and misses you like crazy.
To everyone, again, I cannot stress this enough, thank you so, so much for the support. My spirits are sky high thanks to you all. It makes the day pass faster knowing people out there care about you and want you to do well. I pray the letters keep coming in at the volume they are right now, especially the overseas ones. They let me know life still does move on, even if I forget at times. I just ask that you all keep the letters to one page. And keep sending the pictures, too. Some of you are talented beyond belief with the drawings and paintings.
I’ll go ahead and end the letter here, but again Happy Mother’s Day to each and every lady who has raised/is raising her kids the best way possible. Take care. God bless. Live life. Show love.

I can trust my loving Savior
When I fear the world’s alarms;
There’s no safer place of resting
Than His everlasting arms

Happy Mothers Day!

Goodmorning, and Happy Mothers Day! Enjoy the day,, treat your mom well, and do something fun (:

I will have a dope post tomorrow, soo Peace (:

10 Deep - Spring/Summer Collection.

Bruno Mars featuring Cee-Lo Green & B.o.B – The Other Side

Here's a DOPE single from Bruno's Upcoming album, "Its Better if You Dont Understand" Which will be in stores may 11th. Dope Single, Listen (:

Bruno Mars featuring Cee-Lo Green  B.o.B - The Other SidebyHypetrak

Billionaire Video (:

Travis McCoy Ft. Bruno Mars - Billionaire
Really good song, two great artists, and a really cool video (:


The Rangers - I Dont Like the Look Of This

Pretty sick video, not the best, still dope though. Rangers went hard on this track, gotta love it.

F.L.Y (Ft. Roscoe Dash) - Im So Gone!
These Dudes like to party, SO Get Faded! Haaa

J. Cole on Hot 97.

Its not really a video, but Damnnn. J can spit, listen to his freestyle over Ice Cream and Blow the Whistle.

Thank Me Later Album Artwork!

Heres a glance at Drizzy's Upcoming album, "Thank Me Later". The art is by a man named Darkie, who also designed the art for Drake's "So Far Gone". Pretty Dope, reminds me of 3-D.

Huf Commercial!

HUF Footwear Commercial, They keep it short, and sweet, Yet Steezy at the same time! Dope!

Heart & Soul of New York City - Red Cafe

I really like this track, probably because Nyc is my birthplace, and i love it there. The Video is soo fucking well done though. The shots, angles lighting & contrast all flow together perfectly. Really well done Video!!

(Song Of The Day) Jeezy - Just Saying

Young Jeezy - Just SayingbyHypetrak

2010 King Of Spring Official ReCap!!

King of Spring '10 Official Recap from Acapulco Gold on Vimeo.

Game - I'll Find you (Producec by Just Blaze)

Here's another by Game. Isn't really my favorite track, i dont really feel that drive and pursuit and that real passion he used to put into his music. I guess this track deserves a spot on the iPod though, just not gonna be a hit. Dont get me wrong, I love Game! Just waiting for him to do a track with some blood, sweat and tears behind it.

The Game - I'll Find You (produced by Just Blaze)byHypetrak

Drinking out of cups (:

For those who don't know, this is the Voice of a guy sitting in a closet on Acid! Hilarious Video! They take the voice of the guy on Acid and add an animated lizard! funny shit! (:

(Song of the Day) RasKass - Release Yourself

RasKass - Release Yourself (produced by DJ Rhettmatic)byHypetrak


Our First Video,
N.E.R.D (Ft. Nelly) - Hot n' Fun

P!ll - Ok Denn
 I only Like the song, Im gonna be honest, this video really sucks. haa

Curen$y - Pilot Talk Freestyle

J. Reyez && Tommy C - Where u At
Really like this track, and video. Pretty Dope!!!

Terry Kennedy x Supra "The Stacks"

Heres a first look at the follow up of TK's new hightops, Here is the low top, "The Stacks". Pretty Dope!

Ed Banger Records x Etnies Plus - "EDnies" Lookbook

I really like this lookbook, the pieces are fresh, but i dont really like it because of them. I really like it most because of the photos, and the vibe. The photos are done well, and have some killer scenery.

Check out the Rest Here................

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