S K E M E.

Yeee! The Skeme stickers have been designed, printed and are ready to be shipped out! I'm Stoked with how the stickers turned out! They look great! Anyway, make sure to cop your Skeme Sticker for only 1 dollar! also, every other person that buys one, will get 1 FREE! So go check em out at the Skeme Store!

Bow Wow is Back!

Bow Wow has started on a running comeback into the game! After dropping numerous freestyles, videos, making a movie and dropping the Greenlight 2 Mixtape, Bow is on point! He has grown up from a child actor, to a Young Money, Cash Money Prodigy! Make sure to keep your eyes and ears open for Wizzle, because he is gonna be doing big things!

Here is his latest video for,  "Ain't Thinkin' about you" Ft. Chris Brown. His flow is nice, Chris does well as always, and the video is done really well. Enjoy!

G.O.O.D Music Cypher!

Damn! This Cypher is dope! Big Sean, Common, Kanye and Cyhi Da Prince all MURDER it! What else can you say, other than G.O.O.D Music is ridiculous!

Weezy's Letter from Prison #9

Even though they said the last letter would be the last, Weezy has written another letter! Which is a good thing, because a lot of people like to hear from him. Though, i am going to assume this will be the last letter considering he has only 21 Days left in prison. I really cant wait to see what he has in store for everyone, and see what he thought of during his time in prison!

What’s poppin?!
By now I’m guessing that you all have heard about my recent relocation to the bing, which is punitive segregation. Basically, no T.V., no radio, no snacks/junkfood, and one phone call a week. This punishment has been handed to me for my earlier MP3 incident. I admit, I fu#ked up and now I must deal with the consequences. As I write this, I only have 25 days left, and it’ll be even less than that when you read this. So honestly, I’m fine. Obviously, this gives me a lot of time to myself and a lot of alone time with my thoughts, which can be creatively dangerous. I do miss being able to hear from my family everyday but once a week will have to suffice. To them, I apologize. I’m still able to receive mail so reading and responding is still a huge part of my day. I’d like to thank everyone that sent me B-Day cards and wishes… that was terrific. You all are wonderful, simply wonderful.
Well anyways, I just wanted you all to know that I’m good and I’ll be good! But at the end of the day, I did it all for music!!! By the way, thanx for downloading the I Am Not A Human Being album. And if you haven’t done so already, please do! And if you have, do so again! When I get out I’m going to put the album in stores and shoot more videos for it. Which songs should I shoot videos to? Also, we will be adding bonus songs and packaging the new Nino Brown DVD with the in store album! You’re welcome.
Talent is best nurtured in solitude… Be home soon!
…Dreaming of being in Greece.

-Lil' TuneChi 

Kush (Video) - G5 The Jett!

Earlier this week, i got the chance to interview G5 The Jett, that interview was on the blog! Like i said, he really is charging into the game, and not looking back! Here is the video for "Kush", one of the songs off of his newest mixtape, Million Air 2 (Which you can download for free here..). G5 is one of my favorite up&coming artists, and this video is on point! Tell me what you guys think!

B A N K S Y !

The incredibly notorious artist, Banksy, has recently done some new pieces in London! Earlier this week, Banksy was also behind the controversial intro to the newest episode of the Simpsons. Banksy continues to do amazing work, and he is a very talented artist. If you would like to see previous work, or get some background information on the infamous Banksy, then search him in the blog toolbar!

Monday Love.

Monday's tend to be a stressful day for most people, whether its going back to school, or work, Monday is normally the most dreaded day of the week. Here are some pictures to ease your mind, and let you forget the stress for a bit!

Black & Yellow!

Here's Wiz Khalifa's Official video for the song Black & Yellow. The Video is sooooo dope! Wiz makes sure all his stuff is on point though, so its nothing new. Like i said, the video is done really well, watch it and let it explain itself!

G5 The Jett x PlanetKoda!

Recently i got the chance to talk with the one of the, if not the best up & coming rappers right now G5 The Jett! From Songs like "Never Coming Down" to "Foreign" G5 is consistently dropping great music! Make sure you keep your eyes peeled, and your ears open! Because G5 The Jett is soon going to be one of the hottest names in the industry and on the internet! Follow Him at @G5TheJett! Seriously, if you havent heard his music yet, go to HotNewHipHop.com and check it out right away!

First Off, Whats your name? And where are you from?
I'm G5 The jett out of east oakland california. I got the name G5 from my childhood nickname Grundy, the first intial is G and its 5 letters after that, so i came up with G5 and added The Jett to make it look better lol.

How did you get into the hiphop industry?
Me and my friends use to get high and i would always freestyle, one day I decided I would take it serious, i got some beats from some producers and i havent stopped since.

Frequently Fly was a really successful mixtape! What were your main inspirations behind it?
After i released my first mixtape Million Air 1, people thought i was just a rapper who could make clubs song, i made sure Frequently Fly was more personnal and reflected what type music i really like to make and prove haters wrong. I was real determined when i recored Frequently Fly i think it shows in the music on the tape.

Do you have a favorite track off the mixtape? 
Off Frequently Fly i would have to say Ex's and Foreign, Ex's was the most personnal song i had ever recorded and alot of people hit me up saying they really vibed to the track. On my new mixtape Million Air 2 i would say my favorite track is Never Coming Down. Real dope track with a different vibe.

Do you have any upcoming projects/mixtapes we should look out for? if so can you tell me a little about it?
Yup Million Air 2 hosted by DJ Faze. Its no doubt my best mixtape i've done. Its only 12 songs but all of them are bangers, i wanted this new tape to have no fillers at all, something you can play without skipping tracks. After that i have my debut EP coming out titled "Fly With Me" it will have 4 tracks from the new mixtape and 2 brand new songs i just did that are hits!

What would your advice be to someone trying to make it in the industry?
Connect with blogs, Find your lane and stick to it and make friends with every DJ possible they can make or break an artist.
Not only are you known for your music, but also for being one of the Flyest around, do you have any favorite brands or stores?
Two In The Shirt, they send me alot of dope stuff so you can catch me rockin alot of they shit, i got so many favorite brands gucci, han cholo, UTB Lifestyle its to many to name !
Do you have any possible tours in the near future?
Yup i have show at michigan state on the 15th of this month with Gucci Mane and two shows in november one in alabama and another one at LSU and i got a couple more but they are not official yet so i'll keep you posted

Growing up, who were your inspirations, what artists did you listen to?
Too Short , he was always in my pops tape deck. His i dont give a fuck attitude and long career is something that inspires me. Also Tupac but that goes without saying being born in cali in the 90s.

Do you have any goals you would like to accomplish in the next year or so?
I hope for this EP to make the billboard top 200 and just keeping touring around the world. Signing with a major label to, even though thats in the works as we speak its just goal i have because its been a very long time since any solo rap artist from the bay area got a deal.

Anything else you would like everyone to know?
Make sure you get Million Air 2 October 11th on datpiff.com and if you just now finding out about my music or been a fan since i came out thank you and continue to look out for me cause i got some big shit up my sleeves. G5!!

Weezy's Letter From Prison (Letter #8)

As Lil' Wayne's prison sentence grows even shorter (26 days), he has written his last words from prison. He has now been moved to solitary confinement for breaking prison rules and having an mp3 player several months back. He will most likely be there until the end of his sentence, and is now only allowed 1 phone call a week.

Hello world. Time is ticking and I’m counting every second. Because of my new limitations, this unfortunately has to be my last letter. I don’t think people truly understand how much their thoughts and well wishes have helped me through this time in my life. Not everyone is as lucky as I am and it humbles me daily. You would be amazed what positivity can do in a negative environment. I’m going to miss reading about your lives. I’m going to miss looking at the pictures. They were the highlight of my days aside from speaking with my kids. Don’t stress over this in 27 days, the ride starts again.
Thank you from the bottom of my heart to everyone who is supporting I Am Not A Human Being. It amazes me each time people go out and support my music. I’ll always be in debt to you for that. Keep rocking your “Free Weezy” tees and rocking out to my music. Trust me when I say this is almost over. I love you. I’ll continue to pray for all of you. Just keep doing the same for me.

-Lil' Tunechi 

Also as most of you know, Weezy dropped I Am Not A Human Being this last week, well here is a track off of the version sold in stores. It is a new version of Wayne and Gudda Gudda's I Dont Like The Look Of this! Check it out!

Interview with @ReKid

First off, Whats your name? and where are you from?

My maiden name's Renald Louissaint. Some people call me "Reno." I'm of Haitian-American descent and I'm from a small town in Massachusetts called Randolph.

How did you get into blogging and when did you start your blog?
I got into blogging after myspace died. Myspace was where I used to showcase my work, but that didn't turn out so well. Blogging became easy after that because the two had kind of the same rules with HTML. I'm an HTML genius, so blogging became like a second nature.

You have some great talent when it comes to Graphic design, when did you start designing? did you teach yourself?
Thank you. I started designing when I had a myspace, actually. People on myspace used to have the CRAZIEST designs, and I always felt I could do something better than that. I taught myself how to use Paintshop and worked with that for a while. I decided to switch to Photoshop, because I became more talented and was thinking about making it to a career for when I get older. I knew that most art schools use Photoshop, so I figured I'd might as well start practicing with it.

Like i said, you have some great work! What is the inspiration behind it all?
I'd be lying if I said that there was ONE inspiration behind it all. Every one of my pieces has a story behind it. I do get a lot of inspiration from songs that I listen to, though. If you looked at one of my pictures, I could tell exactly what song was in my mind at the time. I get inspiration from anything that truly catches my attention. I remember when I saw vector art for the first time, I've always wanted to do it, but I just now figured out how to do it correctly.

Is there a certain person or thing that inspires you?
As a person, I would say I'm inspired by my hero, Kid Cudi. I know it seems like a cliche answer, but there's a whole story behind why I like Kid Cudi so much. He inspires me to keep everything simple and complex at the same time. He never boasts about the work that he's doing, unless asked. I take that seriously, because a lot of people do things and brag about how great it is, when in fact, it's not. Kid Cudi probably has thousands of songs that no one's ever heard because he's not quite satisfied with them. I do the same thing in a way. I have tons of work that no one has ever seen, or probably ever will see. I don't like to brag, because I'm afraid of being embarrassed if I'm wrong. There's a whole story behind that too hahaha.

 What is your favorite clothing brand?
My favorite clothing line was, is, and ALWAYS will be, kidrobot. I've been in love with kidrobot for such a long time. I think it was 2007 when I first saw it. Swizz Beats was rocking it hard. I thought it was the greatest thing in the entire world. I went to the kidrobot store in NYC for the first time last summer, and I remember I pushed my mom out of the way. Hahaha, it was that serious. My family and friends think my obsession is unhealthy, but I couldn't care less.

 Do you have any upcoming projects that we should know about?
I have a couple of projects I've been working on. I'm not sure if I want to broadcast them yet, though. I want to wait until it's completely official before I tell anyone. I don't want to fill anyone up with hype, and then let them down. That's depressing.

If you would like to reach me, you can follow me on twitter @Rekid. My main blog is Dreams of a Space Invader. And I just established a photo booth blog called INREYSION. People have been trying to find me one Facebook, but I don't give it out ..... so tough titties. (smiley face).

Doernbecher x Air Jordan

Here is the Doernbecher x Air Jordan Project. the outcome was the Air Jordan III, with a smooth black and red colorway, on top of that is a grey monogram pattern, and a cement texture on the toe and heel! DOPE!

Big Sean Talks Fashion!

Here is part of the ad campaign for, "Diesel Presents only the Brave." Big Sean talks about fashion, Detroit and how he expresses himself through his style. Check it out!

Dirty Jax!

Here is a video showing some of the Dirty Jax clothing line! I am really impressed, their shirts are on point! Dirty Jax keeps on proving themselves through flawless pieces, and collections, making them one of my favorite streetwear brands on the market! Check out the video, and tell me what you think of them!

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