"Yamill" - Remixing Drake's "OVER" (Spacekid.com)

 Shit is hottt!!! Check it, Peep his site too,,, Spacekid.com

Cutie of the Day #5 (Hildi)

May 9th
Hometown:Cologne, Germany. But i Live in London.
What color are your eyes: Brown
Hair Color: Dark Brown
Favorite color: Brown and Gold
Favorite movie:I have so many favorite movies, City of God, Never Die Alone, Scarface (I Love Gangster movies), Oh, and Coming to America.
Favorite song:Ha, i have so many, right now i really like "welcome to jamrock" -damian marley
Favorite Candy:Skittles, and Twix (:
Favorite Clothing Line/Brand:i love stuff from h&m nd nike ..and i love balmain.
Fun Fact's about you: Uhmm, I Laugh Alot (:
Somewhere you want to travel/visit: I want to go to Ghana, I miss my family, And i want to go to America
Celebrity Crush: Pharrell Williams :D
Favorite Animal: lions and tigers

Any special Accomplishments: me and my group wonn the german youth film price for documentaries

goals: i want to become famous doing something creative..im planning on working in fashion

A little more about you:I love fashion  ART.....and blooging ..
I mooved 3 months ago from germany to england ...to go to sixthform here
I want to be international....hahah
Be sure to check out Hildi's Blog!!!

"aNYthing" Spring/Summer 2010 Lookbook

More Pictures........

"Trippyy" Chair.

(Song of The Day) Birdman [Ft. Tyga & Lil' Wayne] - Loyalty

Birdman Ft Lil Wayne   Tyga Loyalty

Nicki Minaj - Massive Attack [Ft. Sean Garret] (FULL VIDEO)

Diggy Goes Hard @ 106 and Park

Diggy Simmons interviewed, and Spits at the End. Watch the Video (:

Fabolous - Body Ya [Video]

Flesh- N - Bone Arrested On Stage For 12 Year Warrant

(Song of the Day) Fly Union [FT. Big Sean] - Po'ed Up

Before you check the video out for this great song,, Check out Food4Musik.blogspot.com,
If you love music, he stays on top of all the news, and you will know about almost every song out there before you know it (: ,, so check him out,, FOLLOW HIM, and then check this sickkk Video (:

Ahhhhh,,, SayItAintTone - My Muthafucka's

Alright, alot of people havent heard of him yet,, if yo dont know, He is one of Big Seans Close Homies,
He is also expected to drop a Mixtape Real soon, and im Super stoked for it (:

(Song Of the Day) B.o.B - Nothin' On You

If you dont know this songg, your probably dead, or fuckin' barried alive (: Great flow, song doesnt get old, and
i had to post the video, another really, really well done video (:

B.o.B feat. Bruno Mars "Nothin On You" from ethandirector on Vimeo.

Antonia "Toya" Carter gets her Bars up (:

Lil' Wayne's Childhood Sweetie, and Mother to his daughter, Antonia "Toya" Carter, Is featured on Rasheeda's Bedrock Remixx,, Check it out. Pretty Sick. Wish it was an actual video though :/

Drake's New Album, "Thank Me Later"

Drake Has Revealed that His new Album, "Thank Me Later", Will be dropping on May 25th.

Cutie Of the Day #4 (Mariah)

I have school Tomorrow, So im posting a little early (:

Name: Mariah Katrece

Birthday: Nov. 2nd
Hometown: Denver

What color are your eyes: Brown
Hair Color: Black
Favorite color: Purple & Green
Favorite movie: Slumdog Millionaire
Favorite song: Lupe Fiasco - The Coolest
Favorite Candy: Strawberry Starbursts mmm :)
Favorite Clothing Line/Brand: Anything at Forever 21 OR Vans
Fun Fact's about you: Photography, Writing, Painting, Singing are my passions. Blogging is a new one :).
I love getting dressed up and lookin like I have somewhere to go, but I dont lol.
Somewhere you want to travel/visit: Brazil
Celebrity Crush: Trey Songz
Favorite Animal: Monkeys ;)

Anything you would like people to know about you:
I LOVE to laugh.
I like almost every music genre.
I'm just a young adult trying to find myself and my path and place in this world.
Your goals in life: Move to NY (Theres enough weird people there to make me seem normal right? lol)
and become famous doing something creative that I love doing.
Be completely happy with my life at some point.
Any special Accomplishments: I've become the young adult I wanted to become.
Other than that, nothing out of the norm, but theres a lot more in store for me. ;)
OH and I recently got a job! yay for me lol.

A little more about you:
Im addicted to facebook, fashion, music, my iphone, checking my horoscope, ESPN, & kidkoda.blogspot.com

Be Sure To Check Out Mariah's Blog!!

A Couple Quick Outfits.

Alright, today's the last day of my break,, Damn it flew by. Im Gonna try and keep my posts up as much as possible though,, so dont worry (: anyway, Tell me what you think about these outfits in the comments (:

Hat: Starter - Classic Retro Yankees Cap
Shirt: Krew Flannel
UnderShirt: Alfani V-Neck
Belt: Macy's Leather braided belt
Pants: (Nothin' Special, Just Target Brand Slacks)
Shoes: Jordan Fusion 5's

Same Gear as the last outfit post,
Just added and Orisue Cardigan.

Shirt: WESC - The Big Overlay Tee
Pants: Bullhead - Dillon Skinny's
Shoes: Jordan Fusion 5's

Big Sean - Rollin' Remix (Video) also Say You Will.

Ahhh, Big Sean is fuckin' Sickkk, This remix is Fireee, Check out the Video.

Happy 24th Lady Gaga

Today, Is Lady Gaga's 24th Birthday,, So Happy Birthday (: Here is a picture tweeted by her earlier this morning.

Burger and Friends - Backpack Line

Check out more pictures,, and Cop them here....

(Song Of the Day) KiD CuDi - Love Stoned Flow

 This song isss Fireee,, If you dont wanna download it,, at least look it up and listen to it, CuDi Kills it!

Download here.................

Cutie of The Day #3 (Malibumara) (:

Birthday: December 14 :)

Hometown: Houston!
What color are your eyes: Dark Brown
Hair Color: Darker brown
Favorite color: Yellow
Favorite movie:.. I have a lot, Right now it's Alice in Wonderland
Favorite song: Space Cowboy- Invisible
Favorite Candy: I love gummy bears!
Favorite Clothing Line/Brand: Marc by Marc Jacobs
Fun Fact's about you: I'm short, 5' 2'' to be exact
Somewhere you want to travel/visit: Phillipines, i miss my family.
Celebrity Crush: Tyson Beckford
Favorite Animal: I like micropigs (google it)
Anything you would like people to know about you:Keep checkin out my blog, i have the best followers out there!
Your goals in life:
Graduate on time, get a great job that makes me happy, support my family so they never have to work again in their life.
Any special Accomplishments: Oh a ton.. Im an honors student lol, i get awards all the time.
A little more about you:
Well im a fashion major at SHSU, a sophomore to be exact. I love my blog and work really hard on it. I am taken by my high school sweetheart <3 and adore fashion like no other.

Check Out Tamara's Blog and Twitter!!!!!!!!
Twitter: @malibumara
Blog: www.malibumara.blogspot.com

#20 of Top Complex's 25 Style Trends of 2009 ( Starter Jackets)

(Song of the Day) 1st Place - Being Broke Sucks!

Damnn, alright, you gotta check out this song. Pretty much all of America can relate to it right now, and its actually a really sick song. Never heard of these guys untill now,, but check it out.

Download "Being Broke Sucks" here...............

A couple Quick Outfits

First off, sorry for the terrible picture quality, shitty camera plus bad lighting. They will be better next time, But i hope you like this post. Leave some comments and tell me what you think!!!

Shirt: Capital (The Michael I Am Legend)
Hat: New Era Reds Cap
Belt: Macy's Leather Braided Belt
Pants: Krew Muska Skinny's
Shoes: Air Jordan Fusion 5's

Hat: New Era Blue NY Yankee Cap
Shirt: Alfani V-Neck
Jeans: FreshJive The Narrows Jean
Sorry table is blocking my shoes :/

(Song of the Day) Sam Adams - I Hate College [Remixx]

 Wizzy's songs are all great, I hate college is one of my favorites. but be sure to check em all out, and listen to his new album "Boston's Boy"

Download song here..............

Jordan Flight 45 (High Lineup)

Check Out the Rest of The Colors and Read about them Here.......

Cutie Of The day #2 ((Time for another oneee)) [Damnnn] (;

Name: Briana
June 14th

Hometown: Ft Lauderdale, FL
What color are your eyes:
dark brown
Hair Color: dark brown/black depending on what color I dyed it LOL
Favorite color: pink & turquoise 
Favorite movie: as of now, Remember Me
Favorite song: Justin Timberlake "Take it From Here"
Favorite Candy: green apple sour straws & tootsie rolls
Favorite Clothing Line/Brand: my fav. store is Urban Outfitters LOL does that count? :)
Fun Fact's about you: Im part Guyanese, Jamaican & Chinese
Somewhere you want to travel/visit:
Italy & Brazil
Celebrity Crush: Justin Timberlake ;)
Favorite Animal: Penguins
Anything you would like people to know about you: I love all of my bloggers <3 
Your goals in life: move to New York, get a job at a PR agency/fashion magazine & maybe do some modeling :)
Any special Accomplishments: getting an internship at VIBE this summer!
A little more about you: my macbook pro is my world, I love anything pink & with studs, cupcakes are my weakness, I can't drive without my glasses because I'm practically blind, I sleep with a huge gold night light that shows stars on my wall, & I love eating in bed.

(Song of The Day) Fashawn - Day 'N Night [Remixx]

Download Song Here.............................

Diggy Simmons (NEW TRACK) - Come To Rock

After Signing With Atlantic records just shortly after his 15th Birthday, Dig has decided to drop this track for All his fans. So listen to it, cuz this song if for us(: ha

Listen and Download Here..........................................

KiD CuDi - Soundtrack to my Life (tour footage)

I really like this video, its not official, or shot with a billion dollar camera, its just footage of him having fun. Cudder is an amazing artist, and this video just shows a little of who he is.
Enjoy (;

White Air Jordan VI's Drop in June

These are dopeee, But In My Opinion, The "Oreo" Jodan 6's are sicker than these,
plus, the "Oreo's" have already been released.

Cutie Of The Day #1

Alright, So im gonna start a new post called "cutie of the day", Ill update it every couple days or so.

If you Want to, or have a friend that wants to be cutie of the day, email me DakotaTague@gmail.com

Name: La (yes it's my real first name!)
Birthday:june 27th, cancer baby!

Hometown: Phoenix,AZ
What color are your eyes:
light brown
Hair Color:black
Favorite color:pink
Favorite movie:Cadillac records as of now.. But I have many.
Favorite song:..."Bubbly"-Colbie Calliet.
Favorite Candy:Starbursts.
Favorite Clothing Line/Brand:juicy couture.
Fun Fact about you: I'm flexible and hav around 50 freckles.

Somewhere you want to travel/visitJamaica or Canada.

Anything you would like people to know about you: umm.. I love curly hair white boys with big lips but I don't discriminate!...follow me!
Your goals in life:To be a dental hygenist and to be happy:)
Any special Accomplishments: Having almost 40 college credits at 18.
A little more about you: I drive real fast,I have braces,I don't watch tv, I can't drive with shoes on, I loveeeeeeeee perfume and smelling good.

Check Out La's Blog at: www.lovelalaforever.blogspot.com 

Song Of the Day - SmackDown By: Lil' wayne (Ft. Pharrell)

Download the Song Here........................

Win Autographed Pair of Brandon Jennings Sneakers!!! Globalgrind.com

Click here to see contest rules..............

Cardigans #2 of Complex's TOP 100 Style Trends of the 2000's

Read Article here and See the rest of the TOP 100 style trends...........

Jordan Spizikes Ranked 47 in Complex'sTop 100

See The Whole Top 100 Here.................

Nike Air Jordan 6 VI Retro “Oreo” White/Black

Cop em here..........

Free Weezy- Jailbird Tee (Cheap 16$)

Old News, Weezy's in Jail. But i think everyone misses him already,, Look on The bright Side,,
He is gonna come out in a year, and he will be spittin' Fire!!

Free WEEZY!!!

Diggy Simmons signs his first Record Deal

Diggy - Made you look Freestyle (Flow Stoopid) from Diggy Simmons on Vimeo.

Yupp, Its finally official, our boy Diggy has been signed to Atlantic records. So Congrats to Diggy,, No we wait for his first Album. Its gonna be Dopeee(:

UNDRCRWN - Spring 2010 Lookbook

More Pictures and Article Here.........

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