Play Cloths 2011 Holiday Lookbook

Here is the holiday season lookbook for Play Cloths. They managed to keep it simple, yet still present the Play Cloths look. I like the subtle, simple color schemes, and the flow of the entire collection.

2012 Jaguar XKR-S Convertible

Jaguar claims it's the fastest convertible on the market, with a sleek yet flashy look, here is the 2012 Jaguar XKR-S. With a 550 horsepower 5.0 liter V8 engine, it supposedly goes from 0-60 Mph in around 2 seconds.

Northskull !

I have recently had the chance to work with Northskull, a fairly new, innovative fashion and clothing company. First off, i want to say i really like what they are doing, and the direction they are headed in. All their products are top of the line, and made to last. Not only that, but they are ALL on point, and some of the freshest accessories around. I will be posting more about them, as well as more product reviews. For the time being, be sure to check out their website for yourself.. 

Headlines - Drake.

Drake really shows why he is one of the best rappers around with this track, fitting titled 'Headlines.'
Drake truly has been making headlines with songs like Dreams Money can Buy, which are off his upcoming album, Take Care. Boi-1da and Noah '40' Shebib are the two responsible for the bouncy beat that is behind the smooth, well though out lyrics of Aubrey 'Drake' Graham. Drake will be making even more Headlines for sure when he drops his sophomore album, Take Care.

Proceed - Wiz Khalifa (Ft. Curren$y & Big Sean)

Wiz Khalifa has dropped what is now the Fifth Song he has dropped in the last five days. The song 'Proceed' is just another product of extensive recording sessions between Wiz, big Sean and Curren$y. The three artists will be dropping a collaborative mixtape shortly this week.

Mac Miller - Best Day Ever [Video]

I've been following Mac Miller for a really long time now, posting Mac Miller videos, mixtapes and interviews here and there. This video sort of gives you the feeling of watching Mac grow up, from being a toddler, to being am adult. The Pittsburgh born rapper has started to create a lot of hype, releasing the Mixtape Best Day Ever a few months back. Mac Miller's music has progressed, and he has recently started on a sleeve up his arm. Anyway, here is the really well done video for Best Day Ever by Mac Miller.

Big Sean x Interview Magazine!

Recently after Big Sean dropped his 1st album "Finally Famous," Interview Magazine sat down with Sean for an interview. The GOOD Music Signed rapper goes on to talk about how he views Jay-Z & KanYe West as his mentors, and more.

Alex Chapman: The crowd went wild when Kanye came out [to perform the song "Marvin Gaye and Chardonnay"]. I saw Jay-Z was there too.
Big Sean: Yeah, that was crazy. I’ve put in a lot of fucking work, man. I take pride in it—I do it for my fan base. I used to ride to school listening to Kanye and Jay-Z. And then having them fools at my show? You know? They were my idols.

With all the material you’ve come out with via mixtapes, it’s crazy to think that this is really just the beginning. What’s been the difference between the music you’ve made in the past and making an official, debut album?
There are a lot of sample clearings. Because of that, I couldn’t put out some of the things I wanted to put out. I was really mad about it, but the album is still a really great body of work, and I’m so proud of it. Also, with a mixtape, you can just go in and don’t have to worry about having a single or a hit record on it. You can just have 40 bar verses if you really want. But when you are doing a commercial release, you have to make music that you can play around the world—at concerts, barbeques, stadiums, whatever the occasion might be. It’s definitely a different process, but the thing for me is just to do it well. I can’t wait to use what I learned on this album and apply it to the next album.

Everybody knows you have a great relationship with Kanye, but I’m curious about your correspondences with Jay-Z.
He’s a great guy. He’s like Kanye’s big bro—he’s family. We’ve had dinners where we just kick it with each other and talk and I just soak up knowledge from him. Once, we were in the studio and we just talked for hours—it was just me, him, Kanye and I think NO ID was there, and I was just thinking “Damn, how did I get here?” Jay-Z is definitely a person who doesn’t give a shit and, from an OG’s standpoint, lets you know if you made a mistake so you don’t make another.

With so many big stars helping shape your career, I have to ask: where do you see yourself in five years?
That’s a good question. I think I just want to be remembered for my story and as an example to always move on the impulse of your heart, and not give a fuck what people think. When I graduated from high school, the teacher said I was throwing my life away following music, and the same teacher invited me back to speak at the school. I don’t say that to brag, I just want to be an example. I never want to look back on life and say I wish I did something, and I don’t want anybody else to do that. I want my music to and serve as a message for this—my music to ride to, smoke to, have sex to, cry to, and just live to.

Drake - Marvins Room [Video]

Drake just released the video for his latest song, Marvins Room. Like the song, the video has a very laid-back feel. This song seems to stray away from mainstream music, having a deep meaning behind it, and emotion throughout the whole thing. Heres the video.

10 Deep 2011 Summer Lookbook.

Here is 10 Deep's Summer Lookbook. 10 Deep Released it a while ago, but i decided to post it because of how clean the collection is, and the artsy feel of the lookbook. 10 Deep has an on point collection for summer, with clean jeans, tanks, shorts and even snapbacks. If you want to see the entire look book, than click here. 

My Life - Kirko Bangz (Ft. Paul Wall) [Video]

Rookie Kirko Bangz teamed up with southern legend Paul Wall to make this song titled 'My Life.' The song has been out for a good amount of time, however the Video was just released today. Ever since Kirko Bangz dropped the mixtape: Procrastination 3, he has been on the rise. Building hype, and teaming up with some of the hottest rappers, like Big Sean. Be sure to keep a lookout for Bangz.


BMW integrated carbon fiber technology to the M3, to make what is in my opinion the coolest sports car of the year. The carbon fiber, which is manifested through the hood gives the M3 a 75% weight savings. The only Con of the BMW M3 CRT : it costs $185,000.

SayItAintTone (Ft. Big Sean) - My Closet [video]

SayitAintTone, a rapper & good friend of Big Sean, just dropped the video for 'My Closet.' The song has been out for quite some time now, but the video has been dropped just days before Big Sean's debut album 'Finaly Famous' (which drops June 28th). The video turned out to be on point, and was put together smoothly. Check it out.

Tunnelvision: Tyler, The Creator!

Pitchfork. Tv's tunnelvision series has released the latest episode, with OFWGKTA's Tyler The Creator. This is an in-depth video, which shows you what the goes through this young mans mind. This interview is the first i have seen with Tyler the Creator, and not only do you glimpse some of his musical beginnings but you get to experience Tyler's personality as well. OFWGKTA

LRG 2011 Summer Lookbook

LRG is one of my favorite brands. They did a great job at presenting that summer feel, with cargo shorts, button downs, tank tops and short sleeves. These sunny weather clothes have a more laid-back, contemporary feel, and LRG did a great job creating this sneak peek to their 2011 summer lookbook. The pictures feature rapper Freddie Gibbs and Dj Double-O (from kidz in the hall), as well as a few members from the LRG skate team.

2012 Lamborghini Aventador LP700-4 Commercial

yup, so here is the commercial for the 2012 Lamborghini Aventador Lp700-4. The next step? somehow earning enough money to buy one. Seriously though, the new lambo is mean, and the commercial is pretty sick, as far as car commercials go. If you wanna see more, than click here.... 

DayToday Season 4. Episode 1

I like posting these DayToday episodes, because it shows how Wiz has changed, and kind of lets you into his life a little bit. Anyway, check it out to see Wiz cop a joint from willie nelson, and what kind of conditioner you need to use in order to pull all the ladies. lol

Bugatti 16C Galibier

Bugatti has decided to transform this once concept car, into reality! The sleek, new, 4-door sedan will retail for 1.4 Million Dollars USD.

Honestly, i wish i had 1.4 million dollars to blow on a car. Either that, or i wish that Bugatti would make a innovative, modern looking car that the average person could actually afford. (:

Mac Miller - Get Up.

So i've been following Mac Miller for a good period of time now. Some of his firsts songs and videos are deep in the blog, posted months and months ago. as most of you know, he recently released his mixtape BDE (Best Day Ever). Which has been doing really well. It has a really layed back feel, but Mac's flows are unique and on point. Here is the video for - Get Up - personally one of my favorite tracks off the mixtape. I really like the feel of the video as well, Enjoy.

Dope Couture Spring/Summer 2011 Lookbook

Wow. Dope Couture has released their spring/summer 2011 lookbook, and i feel that it's the best 2011 spring collection i have seen so far. Not only are the clothes, clean & on point, the photography is done extremely well, and they had both Kid Ink and DJ Ill Will model for the shoot.

Check out the rest of the collection here....

Lil' wayne x Angie Martinez

Lil' Wayne was recently over at Hot 97 for an interview with Angie Martinez, the interview covers things from Wayne's kids, retiring at age 35 (in 7 years), and smashing some of the girls from Jersey Shore!

Wiz Khalifa Interview & Freestyle!

Here is a video of an interview with Wiz Khalifa x DJ Clue. Roughly a eleven minute interview they cover everything  from Wiz's upcoming movie, album & his iPod playlist! Like i have said before, Khalifa has made his way into the limelight, and is soaking it all up! Not only does the interview cover a lot, there is also a bomb freestyle at the end! All i have to say, is Wiz has definitely stepped his freestyle game up, and is getting better with his flows! Check it out!

Clue TV | Wiz Khalifa (Interview x Freestyle) from By Any Means T.V. on Vimeo.

Young, Wild & Free!

Yee! Here's a great, feel good track just dropped by Wiz Khalifa. On the feature is one of the godfathers to the rap game, Snoop Dogg. The melody and beat are smooth and laid back, while Wiz & Snoop Kill it! Wiz and Snoop make such a good combo on the track, they both go in. Enjoy it for yourself, "Young, Wild & Free" by: Wiz Khalifa Ft. Snoop Dogg

Wiz Khalifa x Power98 Interview!

Wiz Khalifa is probably one of, if not the hottest artists out right now. Successfully dropping songs at the perfect times to boost his career even further, one of those songs being 'Black & Yellow.' As most of you know, his debut album "Rolling Papers" will be coming out march 29th! Here is the most recent interview with Wiz & Power 98.

Mishka 2011

Here is the lookbook for the Mishka 2011 Spring Collection. I think it's one of the best looking spring collections for this year i have seen so far. Mishka, is always on on top of the game, and has been a revolutionary brand to the streetwear culture. They consistently introduce some of the best looking, flyest clothes. By far one of my favorite brands, as well as the photography for the lookbook is great.

The Hangover 2 Teaser Trailer

Well, one of my all time favorite movies is the Hangover, as im sure it is one of yours as well. The well cast movie had me laughing through the entire film. Now, the Wolfpack is back for another adventure, and it should be a good one. Here is the teaser for "The Hangover 2."

How To Make it in America : Javier Nunez

Javier Nunez, rider for FMS Shoes was featured on the HBO hit show,"How To Make It In America." Here is a short video featuring footage from the show. Honestly, its hella dope! The clip features some great footage, a long with giving the message of originality and perseverance. check it out.

Nefu Da Don (Feat. Ray Lavender) - Liquor In Ya System / Drink N My Blizzy

First off, i have been gone for a minute. Its time to get the blog back up & running though, so i need your help (:

Nefu Da Don, i have been following him for a long time now. Honestly one of my favorite rappers, & his first mixtape is dropping this month. I can't wait for it, it's gonna be BOMB! anyway, here is Liquor in ya System & Drink N my Blizzy videos. Enjoy

Wiz Khalifa DayToday episode 6

Lowkey, These dudes got the life.

Primitive 2011 Fall Preview x HypeBeast

Primitive, an up&coming brand in the streetwear culture has just released their fall 2011 preview. Primitive continuously puts out bomb apparel. Their shirts & hats are some of the best around, and their designs are well thought out and clean. Fall Preview is pretty nice, & i can't wait for them to drop the 2011 fall line.

Primitive 2011 Fall Preview from on Vimeo.

That Good.

Yeee! Wiz Khalifa, one of the biggest artists today & Snoop Dogg, a rap legend, join together to make a a bomb track! Can someone say new Smokers Anthem? What did you expect from these two though, two of the best artists in the game come together, you know the song is going to be on point! These two have talked about doing a mixtape together, and i hope it happens, because they are a good team. #TaylorGang

Can't wait to hear more from these two.

Drake's New Year Resolution.

First off, i want to wish everyone a Happy New Year! I hope everyone has a wonderful year, and preforms to their full potential throughout the year. Remember, the Sky isn't the Limit, Because their is No limit.

A Common tradition, When the New Year rolls around, is making a resolution, or a change for yourself. It can be anything from losing weight to quitting a bad habit, to finding love.

Here is what Aubrey Graham has chosen as his New Years Resolution, and i think Drake has the best one out of any other rapper by far. He continuously proves he is a down to earth, respectable human being.

"Well, we don't have Resolutions we've just got Reservations. I try to live my life right every day. Then again I can't really say that, i've gotta be honest, that's a line from the album. I do actually have resolutions." 
"It's crazy, i really had a moment seeing some old friends and being around my family. I was just like, I do pride myself on being a humble guy that is still connected to his fans and still every much with the people. But I just wanna get even better than that, as challenging as it is, I just want to be a better guy, a nicer guy. I really want people, when I leave this earth, to say that was a great man, that was a great guy, he was always kind. But that takes a lot because there's a lot of shit that can frustrate you in this position but that's one of my things man. I just want to live this year, not getting caught up in certain things, even when people frustrate me still shake everybody's hand. I remember when I use to be that kid just coming up and I use to go to everyone's dressing room and say hello and shake hands and tell them what songs I love. Now you get to that point where it becomes like clockwork and you kind of just walk in and walk out and there's something that bothers me about that. I want to be a little more personable like I haven't made it and it's just business. I wanna get back to me before, before all of this whirlwind. That's my resolution."

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