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 Via twitter i just got another great oppurtunity, this one was to interview the New York rapper, Precise! The interview turned out great, make sure you check it out! Precise is not only a great rapper, with a nice flow! He also is very interesting and a very talented artist! Check him out below!

1. First off, Whats Your name and where are you from?

My Name is Rashid "PRESICE" Littlejohn from Brooklyn New York Bushwich 
is the area and I represent something called The NEW New York

2. When did you start rapping? What is the best memory you have had since then?

I Started Rapping in 2002 as a hobby but took it seriously when I met my manager
Nabumba "Boomer" Smith in 2005 who put the belief in me that I had what it takes to be an Icon.
My most memorable moment musically is being the first hip hop act ever to perform
on the stage for EcoFest 20th anniversary. It was amazing and I am honored to be able to be apart of that history

3. What are some things that really inspire you? are there any people who have inspired you or your music as well?

I'm inspired by life. Life is so random so we always have to be on our toes. As an artist all I have is the life
to draw my inspiration from. Musically i take from life and give back to it in musical expression, its a cycle. My Inspirations are Tupac I wanna get right what he started and where he went wrong. Meaning I want to represent the left out, forgotten and kicked down but bring them over the bridge to paradise and not get caught up in the same things that hold us back. ignorance, violence, hate, Jayz as a brooklyn native inspires me to become and always see myself as a brand. Kanye west inspires me to always express the passion within why i do what i do. Janelle Monae inspires me because she rejects conforming into a status quote or idea of what we are "suppose" to be. She represents freedom and inspires me to always be me. The negative connotation which is attached to the urban lifestyle inspires me to slap those people who think we are all that way in the face by being well spoken, educated, aware of myself as a passionate true rap artist here for the right reasons. 

4.Out of all the work you have done, whats your favorite song?

I would have to say my most recent release which is "Rap Paradise" and i say that because as an artist the creative process
to completion can sometimes take so long that by time the project is done you have grow so much it feels old to you, Like my last mixtape release "Conversation Piece" which dropped this June is great music but the majority of i wrote late 07 but never had an opportunity to record and release it until recently. which is why you can clearly see a jump of development. But with "rap paradise" it represents me right now. the same day i wrote the record i recorded it, got the mix back a few days later and shot the video the next weekend and released the video the following after. So that process of creation to completion is within the parameters of who i currently represent. 

5. What can you tell me about the "Green Campaign"?
At large the Green Campaign will become a large non for profit organization with a vase amount of responsibility teaching todays
youth the personal relationship and respect we need to have for mother earth. Currently The Green Campaign is myself and a small group of individuals that put together events, visit school, make music which efforts are geared to express Eco-Swag which is a connection of environmental appreciation with "swagger" a word that means having a cool factor.

6. Do you have any projects/albums/mixtapes in the near future that you would like to tell us about?

YEZZZIRRRR With the release of "Rap Paradise" my audience is caught up with the Presice of the here and now. So in this space I can only describe it as "hellogoodbye", And "hellogoodbye" translates as a transitional stage in myself where I have to say "hello" to new experiences and challenges and in the same breath say "goodbye" to the very things that got me here but will not be able to take me further. So appropriately titled my next project and first full body official release is called "HelloGoodbye. 
The first official single off of the tape is called "X Factor" dropping sometime in November
7.Other than great music, you also have an on point style, what are some of your favorite brands?

In all honestly i dont consider myself a sneaker head or hypebeast. I'm into style more then fashion, i will say you will always
find me in a pair of levis 511 skinny jeans though. other then that the new york scene is full of young designers which I will rock their product way before I go into a store and buy something because its "popular".  I'm currently working on my own line of snap back caps which i'm hyped about. But my style I'll answers this question by saying 511 skinny jeans crew/v neck tee from uniqlo or american apparel, cardigan from a random spot maybe urban outfitters or ben sherman or some place, converse on the feet or a classic pair of original or retro jordans in a classic colorway with some dope accessories g shock, goodwoodnyc, deeandricky lego pin and a snap back cap, which soon will be my own line.. NIce!! 

8. How about your favorite stores to cop clothes at?

Levi's in soho, urban outfitters, uniqlo, street designers with tables, custom made pieces, 
nike idm flight club, david z, and random hole in the wall spots through out the city 

9. What are 3 things you could not live without?

My macbook, my m-box mini and my microphone, the best gift i ever gave myself was my own studio and the 3 essential things in need to make music are listed above. those things have taken me from being a lost and frustrated artist 12 months ago to a breakout 2010. i thank god for the this 

10. Who are your musical influences?

everyone that does music influences me, from the dopest to the wackest mc. each one allows me to see myself as still having something to offer because i have my own lane and am an individual. 

11. Your song    "A Millie Trees" became the theme song more NYC Mayor Bloomberg's MillionTreeNYC Initiative, how did that happen?
it was the right song at the right time, when i began going green i had the idea bouncing in my head for a while and finally went with it. during that same time i was becoming proactive within my community and was putting together an event to get trees in my neighborhood, so reaching out to the top organization NYPR which was going to assist us with this ended up being the main non organization responsible for tree planting in the city partnering with Mayor Bloogberg's tree initiative so me sending them my song as a way to show my dedication so they would take me seriously actually worked in more ways then one. they decided to use the song as the theme for tree planting and during workshops to teach students as well. 

12.Do you have any big plans or goals for 2010?
I've accomplished so much this year, from 106 and park on earth day to releasing thus far 3 quality videos 2 mixtapes
a wonderful mixtape event, interview on shady 45, magazine write ups and on and on, so from september until the ball drops
my goal is to create a strong atmosphere around "hellogoodbye" release "X Factor" and really solidify a buzz in the industry as a rising star and a 2011 freshmen break through artist

13. Anything else you would like everyone to know?

I pride myself on being a true passionate artist and a NEW new york artist grinding to display this city as it is today,
keeping the classic elements that made us but adapting to todays lifestye which will keep us relevant and inspiring

14. What are you myspace, facebook and twitter links?
facebook search me Rashid Presice Littlejohn,,

Thanks for your time man!


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