Jay-Z (Ft. Lil’ Wayne) – Summer In Brooklyn (Quincy Jones x Cookin Soul Remix)

WOW. This is dopeee! Cookin Soul has been puttin' put some great mixes, including this one! Here is Jay-Z and Lil' Waynes "Hello Brooklyn" Mixed with Quincy Jones "Summer in the City". Turned out GREAT, and the video is soooooooo sick! The shots, and angles and textures of the City, with the lyrics popping up in text, in various ways! The video does a great job of captyuring the city, and mixing it with the song. Anyway, Dope summertime remix, shout out to "Cookin Soul".

"It´s Summertime and we had to do somethin special, everybody knows the classic ‘Summer in the city’ by Quincy Jones, we decided to take it to Brooklyn, mixin Jay-Z and Lil Wayne vocals from ‘Hello BK’, addin some new fantastic visuals based on typography and still images of Brooklyn. Production, SFX, animation and edit by Greg Solenström."


Flyshyt Clothing Company said...

Ho Ho Ho Ho Hov! This track and video was like receiving a XMas gift for real Koda. You know how to pick'em and your blog is FLYasSHYT!

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