iLLRoots x Lupe Fiasco (Video)

iLLRoots met up with Lupe on a shoot for Trilly & Truly's basic info photoshoot for an RSVP gallery lookbook! Lupe talks about his clothing line, and how he keeps his music and his clothing seperate!

Profile: Lupe Fiasco's Trilly & Truly from on Vimeo.



Lupe Fiasco is a muisical genuis, he has add so much to under his belt and now fashion. Ish is going to be mad dope can't wait for this. :)

Harry Swag said...

I am already following and you are already following me
Remember in April
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Anonymous said...

yours nice too!
im followin

Kellie In Thunderland said...

Love Lupe!!

Nice blog too..

Anonymous said...

Thx fo tha Luuv Bro ;)
Nd Ur Blog is BUMPIN !!
Keep it going
Im following ;)

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