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Whoooo! Alright, just a quick update! I have been playing around with the blog, and changed its look a little bit, i added some new things, and took away some old! The blog is still a work in progress, but i would love to hear what everyone has to think! So be sure to drop a comment, or send me an email! also, if you have any ideas or requests i would love to hear them and see what i can do! (:

Also, the url for my blog is now

A lot of people have been asking about "Skeme", i have decided that once i hit 200 followers, is when i will finally launch it and show it to everyone! So spread the word! (:



Jordan T. Dilwood said...

Dope picture the blog looks crazy and thx for the comment

adina renee. said...

love the layout on your site.


Thanz for the comment on my blog :). I suggest a banner for your blog :).
Loving PLANET KODA its hella fresh, keep up the good work :).

Planet Koda said...

Thanks for the feedback!
and yes, i have been working on getting a banner, just having a hard time finding one i like (:

but i will have a banner soon !

A Kid Named TR3! said...

im aleady followed you so can you follow me back

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