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Recently i got the chance to talk with the one of the, if not the best up & coming rappers right now G5 The Jett! From Songs like "Never Coming Down" to "Foreign" G5 is consistently dropping great music! Make sure you keep your eyes peeled, and your ears open! Because G5 The Jett is soon going to be one of the hottest names in the industry and on the internet! Follow Him at @G5TheJett! Seriously, if you havent heard his music yet, go to HotNewHipHop.com and check it out right away!

First Off, Whats your name? And where are you from?
I'm G5 The jett out of east oakland california. I got the name G5 from my childhood nickname Grundy, the first intial is G and its 5 letters after that, so i came up with G5 and added The Jett to make it look better lol.

How did you get into the hiphop industry?
Me and my friends use to get high and i would always freestyle, one day I decided I would take it serious, i got some beats from some producers and i havent stopped since.

Frequently Fly was a really successful mixtape! What were your main inspirations behind it?
After i released my first mixtape Million Air 1, people thought i was just a rapper who could make clubs song, i made sure Frequently Fly was more personnal and reflected what type music i really like to make and prove haters wrong. I was real determined when i recored Frequently Fly i think it shows in the music on the tape.

Do you have a favorite track off the mixtape? 
Off Frequently Fly i would have to say Ex's and Foreign, Ex's was the most personnal song i had ever recorded and alot of people hit me up saying they really vibed to the track. On my new mixtape Million Air 2 i would say my favorite track is Never Coming Down. Real dope track with a different vibe.

Do you have any upcoming projects/mixtapes we should look out for? if so can you tell me a little about it?
Yup Million Air 2 hosted by DJ Faze. Its no doubt my best mixtape i've done. Its only 12 songs but all of them are bangers, i wanted this new tape to have no fillers at all, something you can play without skipping tracks. After that i have my debut EP coming out titled "Fly With Me" it will have 4 tracks from the new mixtape and 2 brand new songs i just did that are hits!

What would your advice be to someone trying to make it in the industry?
Connect with blogs, Find your lane and stick to it and make friends with every DJ possible they can make or break an artist.
Not only are you known for your music, but also for being one of the Flyest around, do you have any favorite brands or stores?
Two In The Shirt, they send me alot of dope stuff so you can catch me rockin alot of they shit, i got so many favorite brands gucci, han cholo, UTB Lifestyle its to many to name !
Do you have any possible tours in the near future?
Yup i have show at michigan state on the 15th of this month with Gucci Mane and two shows in november one in alabama and another one at LSU and i got a couple more but they are not official yet so i'll keep you posted

Growing up, who were your inspirations, what artists did you listen to?
Too Short , he was always in my pops tape deck. His i dont give a fuck attitude and long career is something that inspires me. Also Tupac but that goes without saying being born in cali in the 90s.

Do you have any goals you would like to accomplish in the next year or so?
I hope for this EP to make the billboard top 200 and just keeping touring around the world. Signing with a major label to, even though thats in the works as we speak its just goal i have because its been a very long time since any solo rap artist from the bay area got a deal.

Anything else you would like everyone to know?
Make sure you get Million Air 2 October 11th on datpiff.com and if you just now finding out about my music or been a fan since i came out thank you and continue to look out for me cause i got some big shit up my sleeves. G5!!


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i really like ur blog. this is a good interview. u should interview Jay P of Jayswag.com. he interviews a lot of celebrities and he has one of the biggest blogs out there!

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