Interview with @ReKid

First off, Whats your name? and where are you from?

My maiden name's Renald Louissaint. Some people call me "Reno." I'm of Haitian-American descent and I'm from a small town in Massachusetts called Randolph.

How did you get into blogging and when did you start your blog?
I got into blogging after myspace died. Myspace was where I used to showcase my work, but that didn't turn out so well. Blogging became easy after that because the two had kind of the same rules with HTML. I'm an HTML genius, so blogging became like a second nature.

You have some great talent when it comes to Graphic design, when did you start designing? did you teach yourself?
Thank you. I started designing when I had a myspace, actually. People on myspace used to have the CRAZIEST designs, and I always felt I could do something better than that. I taught myself how to use Paintshop and worked with that for a while. I decided to switch to Photoshop, because I became more talented and was thinking about making it to a career for when I get older. I knew that most art schools use Photoshop, so I figured I'd might as well start practicing with it.

Like i said, you have some great work! What is the inspiration behind it all?
I'd be lying if I said that there was ONE inspiration behind it all. Every one of my pieces has a story behind it. I do get a lot of inspiration from songs that I listen to, though. If you looked at one of my pictures, I could tell exactly what song was in my mind at the time. I get inspiration from anything that truly catches my attention. I remember when I saw vector art for the first time, I've always wanted to do it, but I just now figured out how to do it correctly.

Is there a certain person or thing that inspires you?
As a person, I would say I'm inspired by my hero, Kid Cudi. I know it seems like a cliche answer, but there's a whole story behind why I like Kid Cudi so much. He inspires me to keep everything simple and complex at the same time. He never boasts about the work that he's doing, unless asked. I take that seriously, because a lot of people do things and brag about how great it is, when in fact, it's not. Kid Cudi probably has thousands of songs that no one's ever heard because he's not quite satisfied with them. I do the same thing in a way. I have tons of work that no one has ever seen, or probably ever will see. I don't like to brag, because I'm afraid of being embarrassed if I'm wrong. There's a whole story behind that too hahaha.

 What is your favorite clothing brand?
My favorite clothing line was, is, and ALWAYS will be, kidrobot. I've been in love with kidrobot for such a long time. I think it was 2007 when I first saw it. Swizz Beats was rocking it hard. I thought it was the greatest thing in the entire world. I went to the kidrobot store in NYC for the first time last summer, and I remember I pushed my mom out of the way. Hahaha, it was that serious. My family and friends think my obsession is unhealthy, but I couldn't care less.

 Do you have any upcoming projects that we should know about?
I have a couple of projects I've been working on. I'm not sure if I want to broadcast them yet, though. I want to wait until it's completely official before I tell anyone. I don't want to fill anyone up with hype, and then let them down. That's depressing.

If you would like to reach me, you can follow me on twitter @Rekid. My main blog is Dreams of a Space Invader. And I just established a photo booth blog called INREYSION. People have been trying to find me one Facebook, but I don't give it out ..... so tough titties. (smiley face).


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