Drake's New Year Resolution.

First off, i want to wish everyone a Happy New Year! I hope everyone has a wonderful year, and preforms to their full potential throughout the year. Remember, the Sky isn't the Limit, Because their is No limit.

A Common tradition, When the New Year rolls around, is making a resolution, or a change for yourself. It can be anything from losing weight to quitting a bad habit, to finding love.

Here is what Aubrey Graham has chosen as his New Years Resolution, and i think Drake has the best one out of any other rapper by far. He continuously proves he is a down to earth, respectable human being.

"Well, we don't have Resolutions we've just got Reservations. I try to live my life right every day. Then again I can't really say that, i've gotta be honest, that's a line from the album. I do actually have resolutions." 
"It's crazy, i really had a moment seeing some old friends and being around my family. I was just like, I do pride myself on being a humble guy that is still connected to his fans and still every much with the people. But I just wanna get even better than that, as challenging as it is, I just want to be a better guy, a nicer guy. I really want people, when I leave this earth, to say that was a great man, that was a great guy, he was always kind. But that takes a lot because there's a lot of shit that can frustrate you in this position but that's one of my things man. I just want to live this year, not getting caught up in certain things, even when people frustrate me still shake everybody's hand. I remember when I use to be that kid just coming up and I use to go to everyone's dressing room and say hello and shake hands and tell them what songs I love. Now you get to that point where it becomes like clockwork and you kind of just walk in and walk out and there's something that bothers me about that. I want to be a little more personable like I haven't made it and it's just business. I wanna get back to me before, before all of this whirlwind. That's my resolution."


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