A couple Quick Outfits

First off, sorry for the terrible picture quality, shitty camera plus bad lighting. They will be better next time, But i hope you like this post. Leave some comments and tell me what you think!!!

Shirt: Capital (The Michael I Am Legend)
Hat: New Era Reds Cap
Belt: Macy's Leather Braided Belt
Pants: Krew Muska Skinny's
Shoes: Air Jordan Fusion 5's

Hat: New Era Blue NY Yankee Cap
Shirt: Alfani V-Neck
Jeans: FreshJive The Narrows Jean
Sorry table is blocking my shoes :/


M CUBED said...

kodaaaaa kodaaaaa ya'll
your blog is super fly.following you right now

mcubed is out

mr.anderson said...

ur swagg jump ova board but bro follow my blog at mranderson.blogspot

RoByn LaTice said...

Love the first outfit. The second is cute too, simple. You look good in both! Nice blog!

Stephane 'thedoc' Elias said...

Swagga on a hundred thousand trillion, lol :-) That I am Legend is the freshness!!!


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