A Couple Quick Outfits.

Alright, today's the last day of my break,, Damn it flew by. Im Gonna try and keep my posts up as much as possible though,, so dont worry (: anyway, Tell me what you think about these outfits in the comments (:

Hat: Starter - Classic Retro Yankees Cap
Shirt: Krew Flannel
UnderShirt: Alfani V-Neck
Belt: Macy's Leather braided belt
Pants: (Nothin' Special, Just Target Brand Slacks)
Shoes: Jordan Fusion 5's

Same Gear as the last outfit post,
Just added and Orisue Cardigan.

Shirt: WESC - The Big Overlay Tee
Pants: Bullhead - Dillon Skinny's
Shoes: Jordan Fusion 5's


Jordan T. Dilwood said...

like the last pic folllow me and ill retun the favor thanks

Jordan T. Dilwood said...

yo thanks for followin bro hey since you have more followers do you think you could post my blog on yours for publicity. will return the favor most definetly

aimes said...

...thanks for the comment. Nice blog.

--that "Cutie of the Day" is a Fab idea!


RoByn LaTice said...

Aww...I like the last one too!

lorraine said...

love the second outfit!

berkeley said...

i looove yr blog (: sorry it took me soo long to follow you, but i hope you follow mine back & hopefully we can talk.

Gabriel Hodge said...

Glad you got what I was saying...finally someone understands. I'm following your blog by the way(so make sure you do the same) and I see you dress fresh kid, thats cool. Always good to have your fashion up.

LaLa said...

middle one is my fave and love the last tee!

Ronald Garner said...

Your blogg is sick I like it please follow my blogg as i am following yours cyberdummyblogg.blogspot.com

Ronald Garner said...

I will folllow anybody elses too

Ivy416 said...

I am VERY jealouss of your sense of style. Last one is my fav!

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