KiD CuDi - Soundtrack to my Life (tour footage)

I really like this video, its not official, or shot with a billion dollar camera, its just footage of him having fun. Cudder is an amazing artist, and this video just shows a little of who he is.
Enjoy (;


crowned king music said...

cudi is dope.ya blog is hott imma follow.plz do the same

Jess said...

Im obsessed wih Cudi!
Great post!
Your blog is super-cool btw

Jess x

Kodaaaaa said...


and yeah, i think im starting to have an obsession with him too, NO HOMO, haa.

With his music,

I think everyone can just relate to him a little bit. And He really expresses through his music

Jordan Amy-Lee Johan said...

Mescudi <3

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