Cutie Of the Day #4 (Mariah)

I have school Tomorrow, So im posting a little early (:

Name: Mariah Katrece

Birthday: Nov. 2nd
Hometown: Denver

What color are your eyes: Brown
Hair Color: Black
Favorite color: Purple & Green
Favorite movie: Slumdog Millionaire
Favorite song: Lupe Fiasco - The Coolest
Favorite Candy: Strawberry Starbursts mmm :)
Favorite Clothing Line/Brand: Anything at Forever 21 OR Vans
Fun Fact's about you: Photography, Writing, Painting, Singing are my passions. Blogging is a new one :).
I love getting dressed up and lookin like I have somewhere to go, but I dont lol.
Somewhere you want to travel/visit: Brazil
Celebrity Crush: Trey Songz
Favorite Animal: Monkeys ;)

Anything you would like people to know about you:
I LOVE to laugh.
I like almost every music genre.
I'm just a young adult trying to find myself and my path and place in this world.
Your goals in life: Move to NY (Theres enough weird people there to make me seem normal right? lol)
and become famous doing something creative that I love doing.
Be completely happy with my life at some point.
Any special Accomplishments: I've become the young adult I wanted to become.
Other than that, nothing out of the norm, but theres a lot more in store for me. ;)
OH and I recently got a job! yay for me lol.

A little more about you:
Im addicted to facebook, fashion, music, my iphone, checking my horoscope, ESPN, &

Be Sure To Check Out Mariah's Blog!!


DJES PUHR said...

Thanx dude, I see some nice things over here to! Heheh.

Makeup by Kim Porter said...

Congrats on the new job! My favorite color is purple too!

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