Cutie Of The day #2 ((Time for another oneee)) [Damnnn] (;

Name: Briana
June 14th

Hometown: Ft Lauderdale, FL
What color are your eyes:
dark brown
Hair Color: dark brown/black depending on what color I dyed it LOL
Favorite color: pink & turquoise 
Favorite movie: as of now, Remember Me
Favorite song: Justin Timberlake "Take it From Here"
Favorite Candy: green apple sour straws & tootsie rolls
Favorite Clothing Line/Brand: my fav. store is Urban Outfitters LOL does that count? :)
Fun Fact's about you: Im part Guyanese, Jamaican & Chinese
Somewhere you want to travel/visit:
Italy & Brazil
Celebrity Crush: Justin Timberlake ;)
Favorite Animal: Penguins
Anything you would like people to know about you: I love all of my bloggers <3 
Your goals in life: move to New York, get a job at a PR agency/fashion magazine & maybe do some modeling :)
Any special Accomplishments: getting an internship at VIBE this summer!
A little more about you: my macbook pro is my world, I love anything pink & with studs, cupcakes are my weakness, I can't drive without my glasses because I'm practically blind, I sleep with a huge gold night light that shows stars on my wall, & I love eating in bed.


LaLa said...

That's my love right there!!! oxoxo yea mama your a cutie lol

Anonymous said...

Your a funny dude for doing this hahaha. Why do you do it? She's very cute by the way

Kodaaaaa said...

Ha, too be honest i dont know the real reason i do it.

I guess because its different from everyone elses blogs,,

But it also lets you meet you new people, and get to know them(:


Anonymous said...

Well thats a good reason!

Stephane 'thedoc' Elias said...

Sunny South, FL stand up!!! It's always nice to see a fellow blogger from my area. She's a cutie too. I'm going have to check her out, lol :-) Nice post!

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