Cutie of the Day #5 (Hildi)

May 9th
Hometown:Cologne, Germany. But i Live in London.
What color are your eyes: Brown
Hair Color: Dark Brown
Favorite color: Brown and Gold
Favorite movie:I have so many favorite movies, City of God, Never Die Alone, Scarface (I Love Gangster movies), Oh, and Coming to America.
Favorite song:Ha, i have so many, right now i really like "welcome to jamrock" -damian marley
Favorite Candy:Skittles, and Twix (:
Favorite Clothing Line/Brand:i love stuff from h&m nd nike ..and i love balmain.
Fun Fact's about you: Uhmm, I Laugh Alot (:
Somewhere you want to travel/visit: I want to go to Ghana, I miss my family, And i want to go to America
Celebrity Crush: Pharrell Williams :D
Favorite Animal: lions and tigers

Any special Accomplishments: me and my group wonn the german youth film price for documentaries

goals: i want to become famous doing something planning on working in fashion

A little more about you:I love fashion  ART.....and blooging ..
I mooved 3 months ago from germany to england go to sixthform here
I want to be international....hahah
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1 Dope Kidd said...

i sooo love her blog its like super dope!!
yea ya blog is dope dude im soooo about to follow like.....NOW lol
keep up the good work

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