Cutie Of the Day #7 (Alicia)

Its about time for another one (:

Name: Alicia Gonzalez B.K.A: Ali.Geezy

Hometown:Westminster, CA<3
What color are your eyes:
Hair Color:Darker Brown
Favorite color: I don't really have a favorite color. Love them all.
Favorite movie:Well the one I saw most recently that I loved is :Our family Wedding
Favorite song: Move for me-Kaskade
Favorite Candy: Lindt White chocolate truffles(yummm)
Favorite Clothing Line/Brand: Don't have a favorite, as long as it looks fly
Fun Fact about you: I have a black/philipino guy fetish<3
Somewhere you want to travel/visit: Dubai -_-

Anything you would like people to know about you:
Hmm, I think myself as an older woman in a younger girl's body. For real. It surprises me how so distinct my mental thoughts are from those females around my age. My maturity level surpasses their's for miles. My sarcasm can also be misinterpreted into me being mean, never take my slight mean-ness personally, I love to joke around. I might at first look totally boring and serious, but I guess that's just a barrier to see who's really interested in getting to know me, brake the barrier i'm sure I won't let you down.

Your goals in life:
Still undecided in which College I want to attend, but so far, Loyola Marymount mantains my heart.
Want to graduate Optometry school, and be none other than an optometrist, don't get me wrong though, I'm pretty sure i'm gonna be a KOOL OPTOMETRIST. trust.
Don't want to live in an overly luxurious place, because I plan on traveling the world.
Meet different people.
Any special Accomplishments:
I got a 4K scholarship from the Angels in 8th grade, pretty cool, Now I get to go back to a game every year...FOR FREE. lol.
I've never been drunk(i'd like to think that as an accomplishment.)
Oh, and I haven't smashed yet.(again, another accomplishment in my eyes)

A little more about you:
I guess you'd classify my as the "spiritual type" but I just feel the need to be connected with God. Without him, I'm lost. If after getting to know me or reading about me you get the sense that i'm somehow this little perfect child, please clear that out of your mind, I am no where close to being the perfect child or person. I am actually far from it. I'm very selfish, very. So selfish in fact that BOTH my parents have told me so. No, it's not that i'm proud of it, I'm just clearing up some misconceptions. But I am on a mission to become the best I can Be.

Twitter: @aligeezy


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