Cutie Of the Day #8 - Jordan (:

Name: Jordan Angelica Grant
12th October

Hometown: Bath, United Kingdom 
What color are your eyes:
Dark brown, almost black, kindaa weird.
Hair Color: Dark brown
Favorite color:
Hmm.. Beige. Geez, I sound like a grandma.
Favorite movie:
Superbad, I could watch it over and over again.
Favorite song:
Ahh too many, but at the moment I'd say Super Mash Bros. - From Honour Roll To Out Of Control. 
Favorite Candy:
Reeses peanut butter cups. I could eat those for Britain.
Favorite Clothing Line/Brand:
Alexander McQueen.
Fun Fact about you:
I'm grade 5 on the drums.. No one would expect it from a girl like me.
Somewhere you want to travel/visit:
New York most definately.

Anything you would like people to know about you:
I love art and fashion, especially fashion, I say, take everyday as another day to look and feel fabulous. I have a fashion/general blabbing on sort of blog, which I love doing, cause i love writing and fashion so I have a nice little combo going on.

Your goals in life:
I'm a complete perfectionist, to just succeed I guess, having a fashion line would be the ultimate goal.. and maybe bit of modelling, not too sure yet, early days. Haha

Any special Accomplishments: Grade 5 drums yessssss. Hahaha

A little more about you:
Love meeting new people, going out - I swear I just live for the weekend.


giang said...

thanks for stopping by, the cutie of the day is cuteee :) great blog!

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