Game - 400 Bars Video
Sick track, and a really well done, 19 minite video to go with it (:

B.o.B - Bet i Bust

Roscoe Dash - Maximum

Soulja Boy - Takeover Freestyle!
To be completely honest, the video sucks. Looks like it was done on a mac book on his hotel balcony,
but, i really like the freestyle. Soulja Boy has been proving lately that he is not just a 1 hit wonder, and that he can actually spit, and i think he starting to find his flow!


Anthony said...

B.o.B. is on fire, every song on his new cd is insane. Soulja boy on the other hand... not so much. His rapping wasn't as bad as usual, but the beat kinda sucked.

And i'm pretty sure he did use iMovie on his MacBook haha

GirlKidRobot said...

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