Interview With Andrew S.
Name: Andrew Shulman
Birthday: May 26 1994
Hometown: Boston
Favorite Brand: Bape
Favorite Song: Go Hard Dj Khaled and Kanye West
Somewhere you Wish to Travel: New York City
Favorite Candy: Reeses Peanut butter cups

So, What got you into blogging? Can you tel me how long you have been blogging?
Like everyone else I found out about diggy's blog when it first started and thought it was pretty cool, so I started to check other blogs like Kanye's Blog, Pharrells blog, Kid Cudi's blog, and BIg Sean's blog, and it seemed like a cool idea to be able to get people everywhere to know about what i'm liking and thinking about.

Your blog looks really good, what do you like to blog about?
Well Usually anything that comes to mind, that was the main goal of this blog, because I feel like you can't just base your blog of of one thing like fashion, or music, so to keep it all me, I have to post what i'm feeling or what I'm liking or it's not my blog.

What inspires you? why??
I'd say mostly Kanye West just because he is a trendsetter which is a great trait to have. I feel that if you can do something that everyone want's to do as well, you can easily work your way to the top of the world.

How would you explain your style?
Hmm I try my best to wear what i'm liking, but once in a while i'll end up following a trend as long as their cool

Whats your most embarrising moment?
I try not to get embarrassed over anything, but if their is I havent thought of it

Do you have any major goals ahead of you?
Yeah to start a street culture brand that can reach heights of brands such as BAPE to be specific.

How about any plans? Any lookbooks? or clothing lines?

Yeah GOLDSTANDARD be on the look out. I'm trying to do this seriously not just draw a lot of pictures and post those, I want to be able to have a couple pieces out by the end of the year. Peace


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