My Interview with Tamar Na$h!!!

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Name: Tamar Travis Nash
Hometown: worcestershire (uk)
Favorite Brand: at the moment, Dior.
Favorite Song: at the moment, probably Love king by: The-Dream

 Koda: So, You have a Mixtape Coming out in a couple days. Wanna talk a little about that?
Is there a Story Behind the songs?

Tamar: No story behind the songs, just making lots of beats, I'm more of producer than an artist, but right now, I'm concentrating on getting this album done.

Koda: Where will be be able to Download the Mixtape when it is released??
Tamar: Well actually, the mixtape is actually an album, I am a def jam first look distribution artist and I am sending all the stuff into them before it comes out on the blog.

Koda: You also Have a Clothing Line coming out soon, How did that happen? And what inspired you to go about that?
Tamar:  Well i have always loved fashion, and the real inspiration was doing something that i loved, and making a career out of it, and starting out early was the best thing to do because i thought i knew everything but i have learnt so much since i have started the line up.

Koda: When do you think its going to be Released Offiicially? Are you going to Give any previews? Or Put out a Lookbook?
Tamar: I am really hoping that the lookbook comes out this summer, there may be a sneak peek soon though. but the whole release of the line is taking longer than i thought it would, mainly because of school.

Koda: What Kind of Clothing is it going to be?
Tamar: nice materials, some smart, like gucci, dior, prada that sort of market but, some of the sneakers will be urban, aswell as some of the varsity jackets and hats.

Koda: You also Make some Dope Beats, What programs do you use to make them? 
Tamar: At the moment just logic on my mac, which is pretty wack, but hopefully soon i'm gonna buy another miko because my first one i had fell of a table and broke the screen, miko's are the beat machines the likes of polow da don, timbaland and lil' jon use.

Koda: And How can someone get tracks from you?
Tamar: I am going to charge for beats now, and if i get officially signed by def jam the prices for beats will go up, but if people desperately need beats at the moment i may give some free beats out email me for them at

Koda: Is there anything else you want people to know about you??

Tamar: Hopefully there will be some real dope sneakers coming out in stores soon, so be sure to pick them up. and if i get officially signed by def jam the news will be on my blog straight away. plus if there are any artists that want to get signed by def jam, i can do a track with you and send it to def jam, if the track you send me back is good enough.

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